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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding of The Year - ROYAL WEDDING: Kate Middleton and Prince William

yg ni bukan prince william dgn kate. tp prince charles dengan princess diana.
(warm up dulu...) hehehe....tunjuk la gamba mak ayah diorang dulu.. nanti baru gambar diorang. tungguuuu..

The groom (in a red tunic of the Irish Guards) waves to excited onlookers as he arrives at Westminster Abbey with his best man.

Kate Middleton look so simple and lovely while she walking into the Westminster Abbey. I love her gown actually. 

flower girl yang iring Kate Middleton. actually they all are Prince William's cousin. very cute indeed...

OPSS!!! part censored. this couple are kiss for a twice in front of public at Buckingham Palace. oh...sangat manis dan romantis... suke la tu...

a wedding dress look like... ada yang cakap memang Kate Middleton nak design wedding dress dia macam ni.. tapi tak tau la betul ke tak. apa pun both of wedding dress are so cantik..

With millions watching, Prince William manages to share a private laugh with his soon-to-be missus as she arrives at the altar with dad Michael by her side.

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